The @crocbites social media roundup – April 2016

Our favourite social media platforms were certainly busy during April, bringing out loads of new features between them. Let’s have a look at what’s been introduced…


Greater strides are being made with Facebook Live, as you can now stream directly into groups and events – great if you’re running a promotion.

Technically this happened in March to no fanfare, but you’re no longer restricted to 20% text on ad images.

It’s now even easier for people to contact your business through Messenger.

You’d probably better check how Facebook’s amended branded content policies affect your marketing.

News feed algorithms have been tweaked so customers may still see content even if they don’t regularly interact with its creator.

If your PC or tablet’s using Windows 10, you can now get Facebook and Messenger apps.


It’s much easier to share tweets as DMs in case you want to chat about their contents privately.

Want to better target customers and monitor how your advertising is doing? Now you can, as Twitter has added new layers to its ads editor.

It feels as though we’ve been talking about First View ads for a while, but they’ve only just been released to UK marketers.

Apparently only 2% of users opt out of Twitter’s algorithmic timeline…


Fresh from extending the length of its videos, Instagram now offers you a curated section.

Instagram for Windows 10 is now a thing.


Spatial audio is now available on 360-degree videos, to help with the immersive feel.

Rather than have people skip bumper videos 5 seconds into a 30-second clip, you can now create 6-second standalones.


Good news! Pinterest has a new app that’s much quicker to load and is perfectly legible in 31 languages.

Like First View on Twitter, it feels as though Promoted Pins have featured prominently for a while, but they’ve only just been rolled out in the UK.


Much like you can binge view a series on Netflix, you can see Vines back-to-back by using the new Watch feature.

It’s been a bumper crop of new features of late, but that’s it for another month. As ever, let us know if you spot something; tweet us @crocbites.