Laser precision social media targeting drives ROI for healthcare leader

Keen to explore the opportunities of paid social media to impact the bottom line, Lumenis Aesthetics’ Marketing Director, Justin Richards, approached The Crocodile to define and deliver a strategy for key European markets.

Lumenis is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine with world-renowned expertise in innovative energy-based technologies, including laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency. Innovative products require innovative go-to-market approaches.

Facebook lead adverts were just one part of a highly targeted, multi-language and multi-channel advertising approach recommended by The Crocodile to reach hair removal and skin treatment practitioners and professionals.

In just two privacy-safe clicks (one on the in-newsfeed ad, another to submit the autofilled form) dermatologists, cosmetologists, cosmetic surgeons, laser therapists, estheticians, and beauticians (or Kosmetikerinnen, Chirurginnen or Dermatologen in Germany!) were able to register their interest in the new generation of laser system.

More than 70 leads were generated at an average cost of ~£20 per lead. Yes, higher than your average click-to-website cost-per-click on Facebook, but consider this: by ‘lead’ we’re talking in-market, purchase-ready, named and telephone numbered contacts, and when your average unit price is £40,000 the potential return on a £1,400 investment is huge. Sales team follow up to date has resulted in a single conversion that already translates as 2,757% ROI.

Moral of the story? Lead adverts: simple for people and valuable for businesses.