Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be the Best.

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the always hotly contested B2B Marketing Awards 2016.

They have become not only an important annual gathering of leading B2B marketing practitioners, but also a genuine exhibition of innovation in marketing.

True customer insight is of huge importance and it can free our clients and ourselves to have braver and more meaningful conversations with people. That’s why it felt natural for us to sponsor the Best Use of Customer Insight category at the Awards.

We are delighted to champion the considered, the curious, the intuitive and all the many other flavours of geek. We look forward to seeing some great submissions and wish all entries the very best of luck.

“The creative man with an insight into human nature, with the artistry to touch and move people, will succeed. Without them he will fail.” – William Bernbach

See you all at the event in November.

The @crocbites social media roundup – June 2016

As summer stuttered into life, our favourite social giants were coming up with lots of new innovations to help us in our personal and business lives. Let’s have a look at some of them.


See panoramas in a whole new light with 360 Photos – just move your phone around to see the bigger picture.

Messenger has evolved – no longer just a list of past messages, it’s now got birthdays, favourites and more.

Time for another algorithm tweak, this time it’s to help people see more updates from friends and family, rather than brands.

Android users: Still sending messages via the main Facebook app? Get with the times and download Messenger! Not that you have a choice any more.


Longer videos can now be sent in tweets – for most, it’s 140 seconds (see what they did there?) but some will be able to do 10-minute epics.

It’s going to be easier to serve pre-roll ads now Twitter has done some magic.

Who uses words these days? Now, emojis – that’s different, hence Twitter deciding to let you target users through shy monkeys, smiley faces and anthropomorphic poo!

Introducing the Twitter Dashboard – ideal for SMEs that want to keep all their interactions in one intuitive location.

Want to jazz up the photos you put on Twitter? Now you can with Snapchat-esque stickers. This makes them searchable too.


Instagram – kind of a big deal. It’s just passed 500m members.

Now all Instagrammers have to deal with the ‘best’ posts coming at the top, just like on Facebook.

Missing out on context from photos through not understanding the captions? Fear not – integrated translation is coming.

Folks with Apple devices don’t even need to have the Instagram app open these days to post on Instagram.


New premium tools offer more information about your team and potential future hires.


Snapchat is bigger than Twitter… if you take into account the amount of daily users each platform has.

Snapchat spreads its wings to open a new online magazine that offers insights about “how our lives are mediated by devices”, i.e. how much we’re on our phones.


Put together a video ad for your business using just YouTube Director and your phone… and people to be in shot… and scenery… and – you get the idea.


Even Vine is getting in on Twitter’s longer video thing.


Don’t pin it, save it – Pinterest loses its pin… so should we now call it Terest?

Pinterest gets over 2bn idea searches each month.

Introducing new ways to shop online, including a handy shopping bag so you can collate your purchases.

It’s been another busy month – how many of the new developments can you see yourself or your business taking advantage of? Let us know which take your fancy – and any others you spot – by getting in touch via @crocbites.