The @crocbites social media roundup – July 2016

Not everyone was off on their summer holidays in July – there were still plenty of people ferreting away at social media companies, unveiling innovations that could benefit you and your business – let’s see what they came up with.


Messenger is testing out secret, one-to-one encrypted messages for private information – they can even auto-delete after a set length of time.

What isn’t secret is the fact that Messenger now has one billion people around the world using it every month.

Big numbers for Facebook – 1.1bn daily users, 1.7bn monthly users and ad revenues are soaring, particularly on mobile.


Twitter is making it easier to manage and report on your ad campaigns, which is rather good of them.

For the first time, you can actually apply to get a coveted blue tick to show that your account is verified.

Twitter’s getting into sport in a big way – first it live streams bits of Wimbledon, now it’ll be showing in-game clips from the Premier League.

You want big gifs? You’ve got big gifs! Upload gifs of up to 15MB from your desktop.


Need help building your business profile on Insta? You’re in luck – here’s a guide.

Not only that, but you can ingest loads of good advice about how best to use the platform through a series of webinars.

Send trolls back under the bridge – you’ll soon be able to filter comments on your account and set up your own watchwords.


Snapchat performs a complete about-face in strategy and lets users save snaps asMemories.

Ever wanted to be an emoji? Course you have – and now you get the chance on Snapchat.

More adults are using Snapchat – great for advertisers, not so great for the teenagers who enjoyed an adult-free oasis.


Periscope users have some new toys to play with, including highlights, tweet embeds and live autoplay on Android.

There are certainly a few things that could prove very useful there – if you need any help with their implementation get in touch with our social media

After the main event

Never think that the benefits of social media end once your event closes its doors – attendee and non-attendees alike will still want to catch up on what happened, particularly if they already know how content-rich it was.

You’ve got an audience, so make the most of it – show the videos of the speeches and seminars, publish a review of the event, share some of the more memorable short-form highlights, continue the push for what you’re providing and encourage people to keep following for future opportunities.

After all, you’ve made this event such a rich and engaging experience, why wouldn’t they want to come back for more?