The @crocbites social media roundup – August 2016

August seemed to be the month when every man and dog decided to break cover and reveal their own take on a Snapchat-killing app. They didn’t have tunnel vision though, with plenty of other stuff emerging too – here’s what happened last month.


First up in the Snapchat lookalike contest we have Facebook with Lifestage, which lets teens emote using photos and videos and could be a fantastic way to reach that audience if it takes off.

On the main site, control over ad preferences is changing in an attempt to discourage people from using ad blockers.

You won’t believe what Facebook are going to do to clickbait-titled posts on your news feed! (They’re cutting down on them to improve quality).

They’re also aiming to give stories a rating based on how informative their quality control people think they are, hopefully with a similar effect.

Facebook’s trending topics have been fully automated, although it looks like it’s still a work in progress.

Add music, text, stock imagery and more to your slideshow ads.

Is your mobile site up to scratch? It’ll need to be if you don’t want your Facebook ads to feel the wrath of Zuckerberg.

Could autoplay with sound be a thing soon? Mashable reckons so.


Twitter’s swipe at Snapchat comes in the form of building on stickers with promoted ones that brands can create. First up: Pepsi.

There’s a new tool in your Twitter ads arsenal – you can now create cards that allow followers to unlock exclusive content.

Users will now be able to set a quality filter to prevent poorly crafted content appearing in their timelines.

Monetising your Twitter profile will now be easier… if you’re in the US. Hopefully similar changes will happen over here soon.


Introducing Instagram Stories, which is nothing like Snapchat, um, Stories. Except that it is – a lot: build your own 24-hour photo/video slideshow with emojis, artworks and such.

Instagram is even copying Facebook now! Or rather, it’s using the same new features for slideshow ads that its big brother has rolled out.

Worried that people may miss the intricacies of your Insta posts? Worry no longer, as you can now pinch to zoom on photos and videos.


Google doesn’t know when to quit trying to jump on the social media bandwagon, so it’s trying out Allo, which offers self-destructing messages, just like… yup.


Apple’s take is to introduce a video sharing app that lets you apply filters and drawings to your media, then send it to your existing followers on various social media platforms.


So how does Snapchat react to what its rivals are doing? It decides to spend $110m on search start-up Vurb.

It’s also been playing midwife to Stickers and Geofilters, as they’ve had a baby – introducing Geostickers, which offer new options to users in some of the world’s biggest cities.

Geofilters won’t be a stay-at-home parent, though – it’s going to be far too busy now that you can use templates to make your own in minutes.


Video is so hot right now, even LinkedIn wants a piece of that particular pie, so your feed will now feature 30-second clips from influencers on professional and trending topics.

Find the content you want quickly and easily with the new content search feature on the mobile app.August seemed to be the month when every man and dog decided to break cover and reveal their own take on a Snapchat-killing app.

It’s certainly been a busy month and, not wanting to miss the Snapchat bandwagon, this blog will auto-destruct in 24 hours. Before it does, get in touch with our social team to help you get to grips with all these new innovations – email us at