The @crocbites social media roundup – September 2016

With updates and developments around every virtual corner, there’s no time to rest on your social media laurels.

Here’s a summary of what opportunities September brought:


Using Messenger to talk to your customers? Now you can see them too, with Instant Video.

That’s not all – the whole Messenger experience is being refined to make it smoother for businesses to chat to their clientele.

Your videos on Facebook may not have been as successful as you thought after FB realises it’s done its maths wrong.

Riffing on Snapchat was still a thing in September, with a soft launch of Messenger Day, which is essentially Snapchat Stories.

Want to see who’s been reacting (and how) to your posts? It may be getting easier, with tests to include profile photos with thumbs, hearts and emojis.

Facebook is helping shops sell more in-store by tracking physical inventories with Dynamic Ads for Retail.


You’ll get a notification if you get @mentioned in a group chat, even if you’ve got it muted. Cheerio, productivity.


Customer service is getting better on Twitter, with support services being made more obvious.

Twitter takeovers generally involve chosen individuals taking over corporate accounts for a bit of publicity. This Twitter takeover could involve billions of dollars and change the social media landscape.


Instagram ads are becoming easier for people to interact with, with more obvious calls to action.

Probably just as well, seeing as there are now over 500,000 advertisers using the platform.

Everyone can now save drafts to work on later, which is handy.

Snapchat Snap Inc

It’s all change at Snapchat – first off, the company will now be known as Snap Inc (the app is still Snapchat, mind), and it’s now in the hardware business with Spectacles, which let you shoot point of view photos and video.


You can now track conversions on LinkedIn, as Microsoft looks to lure in more advertisers to help the professional platform pay for itself.

LinkedIn Learning goes live; lots of lessons from


It’s getting colder, so it’s probably OK for Pinterest to start talking about how to ace your Christmas campaigns.

Advertising on Pinterest is getting easier – set up a Promoted Pin in nine seconds (if you’re in the US, but it’ll probably come over here too).

Pinterest’s second screen game is strong, with many users unable to tear themselves away from the platform while watching TV.


Twitter’s getting brands more involved with live content on Periscope.

Your followers need never miss your Periscope feeds again, as they can now get notifications when you go live.

There we have it – plenty to look out for this month: will Twitter’s takeover chat continue? How will LinkedIn continue to evolve under Microsoft? Who will be next to copy Snapchat? Discover all this (maybe) and more during next month’s exciting instalment of the social media roundup.

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