The @crocbites social media roundup – November 2016

November was a bit of a back-to-basics month, with lots of channels focusing on the actual process of communicating with people. As ever, there’s been plenty of variety too, so read on to see what’s been going on in the social media world over the past month.


Multi-channel marketing just got a heck of a lot easier, as you can now have a combined inbox for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Facebook is updating its metrics and reporting – including (hopefully) giving you accurate feedback on your video content.


No more sitting on hold for customers – you can set up welcome messages and quick replies to DMs so they can get immediate responses to queries.

Keep the trolls at bay with the ability to mute keywords and phrases, on top of being able to mute and block entire accounts.

Could Vine resprout under new ownership? Twitter could move the channel troubled on to a fresh pasture.

This month’s first Snapchat clone story! People can now follow you by scanning a QR code – handy if you don’t have a particularly memorable username.


It’s going to be easier for people to buy products they see on Instagram, with direct links to their pages on retailers’ sites.

Save customers the effort of turning their phones 90 degrees to watch your ads by utilising the new portrait format.

Instagram increases the features on Stories, including Boomerang, mentions and links to get further details.

Meanwhile, on Instagram Direct, you can now stream live videos and um, have photos disappear… which kinda sounds familiar.

Snap Inc

Still, it goes both ways – Snapchat is now borrowing Instagram Stories’ rewind feature, plus letting you put lenses on nature.

In business news, Snap is looking to float on the US stock market at a cool $20-25bn (£16-20bn).


New Salary feature will let people work out how much they should be getting paid.

Get a better idea about who’s reading your LinkedIn content with a new audience insights tool, among others.


It’ll now be much easier to manage your notifications now they’ve been rejigged.

That’s not all that’s changed – the Marketing Developer Partners programme is now just called Marketing Partners and will focus on four areas: advertising, content marketing, audiences and measurement.

Users can now say when they’ve tried an idea from a Pin, rather than just saving it, which will help you collect feedback.

You’ve now got the option to auto-play your promoted videos as soon as people discover them.


You can better interact with commentators on your YouTube channel and draw people’s attention to your favourite ones.

Make your videos more vibrant with support now being added for High Dynamic Range videos.

Virtual Reality has made it to YouTube – how could you immerse your customers in a 360-degree environment?


WhatsApp is jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon with Status, which lets you share customised photos and videos, before they disappear after 24 hours.

It seems like it should already have been a thing, but video calling has now been rolled out worldwide.

Videos will now play while being downloaded to your device (like on YouTube), which should reduce the chances of people getting bored of waiting and clicking away.

And that’s that – the roundup will be back in the new year to fill you in on any presents that social media Santa may have left in our stockings. In the meantime, don’t be a stranger – get in touch to chat social with us by emailing or tweeting @crocbites.