The Crocodile goes 360° with Blend Media

The Crocodile has been appointed by Blend Media to optimise its digital marketing strategy.

Blend Media provides an end-to-end content solution to make the creation of 360˚ video content and immersive campaigns quick and easy for brands, agencies and publishers. With the goal of lowering the barriers to entry the solution includes a drag and drop editor, a large catalogue of premium 360˚ videos and distribution solutions that help to quickly and more easily create engaging formats.

Blend Media also runs the largest 360˚ videos page on Facebook globally:

The Crocodile’s team will be working closely with Blend to shape the go-to-market strategy and execution plans across search and social media.

This is a really exciting space and we’re looking forward to helping Blend drive their next stage of growth!

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Image courtesy of Blend Media Creator – William Briscoe Photography

International Women’s Day: Brands, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Happy International Women’s Day!

The marketing around International Woman’s Day gets more sophisticated every year. All around the world on March 8th brands create and share increasingly creative content to join in with global calls for female empowerment and gender equality.

But yesterday’s article – “International Women’s Day: F*ck off brands” – in The Drum got me thinking about how I feel about today’s big brands using International Women’s Day as a chance to hijack hashtags and increase share of voice. Are these brands belittling a serious cause? Or helping us to shout louder?

It has to be said there is exploitation at play here: capitalizing on global events to drive brand awareness is real-time marketing at its finest. Get it right and it pays dividends. These days ‘getting it right’ means creating sticky, shareable content that has the ability to quickly go viral. Producing the kind of content that gets your brand recognised – even better, remembered – for International Women’s Day, might be a marketer’s dream; but it also helps to broadcast a vital message to the masses.

I am lucky enough to have been supported by many inspiring female leaders throughout my career – I’ve worked with brilliant female CEOs, MDs, thought leaders, business owners, and they’ve all helped to build up my abilities and my ambitions. But it’s important to remember that we have a long way to go. Still today the numbers of women in UK boardrooms are appallingly low – there are more people called ‘John’ chairing the FTSE 100, then there are women. I mean, really?

So, whatever the motive, there is something to be said for having big brands get behind an important cause and help give a critical message the airtime it deserves. We must work together to make a difference.

But we must also demand that brands match their marketing messages with concerted action. Only by holding brands accountable, and demanding that they follow through on their commitment to equality, will we start to see meaningful change.

This International Women’s Day, do I want brands to F*** off? I’m not sure that I do – but I do want them to put their money where their mouth is.

Don’t just say equal; be equal.


By Eden Sanders

Global open source leaders hire The Croc

We’re delighted to be working with LPI (Linux Professional Institute), the global certification standard and career support organisation for open source professionals. With more than 500,000 exams delivered, it’s the world’s first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body. LPI has certified professionals in 181 countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, and has over 400 training partners.

A Canada-based non-profit organisation, LPI’s purpose is to enable economic and creative opportunities for everybody by making open source knowledge and skills certification universally accessible.

Here at The Crocodile we’re looking forward to getting our teeth into developing global and partner marketing strategies for LPI, and defining, managing and delivering long-term content, PPC and social media campaigns.

Gemalto explores digital ID at Mobile World Congress

At The Crocodile, we’re excited about how mobile provides a great platform for brands to get personal with their customers in real-time. So every year we look forward to learning about the latest technologies revealed at Mobile World Congress. MWC is the world’s largest annual gathering for the mobile industry, and the global focus for every kind of mobile innovation. Over 100,000 people attend the five-day event in Barcelona, while millions worldwide follow the in-depth media coverage.

In 2017, the big mobile trends highlighted include AI, mixed reality, Internet of Things, zero UI and 5G. However, an increasingly vital issue in the mobile world is around identity, security and trust – how can individuals and organisations prove they are who they claim to be?

That’s why our client, digital security leader Gemalto, wanted to make a big splash at MWC with its new mobile ID verification solution – and turned to The Crocodile for a fresh video-based campaign exploring the topic. The solution allows banks and other service providers to easily sign up new customers via mobile and online channels – while maintaining vital trust and security around customer identity. The ID verification challenge to ‘Know Your Customer’ in a digital world is one that Gemalto is uniquely qualified to address.

The Crocodile has created a series of videos featuring ‘Emma’, a busy mobile-empowered millennial, who discovers how Gemalto’s ID verification solutions make it quick and easy to get started as a new customer. The videos integrate live-action performances with green-screened CGi environments and animation, to convey the seamless customer experience Gemalto’s technology enables. The new campaign launches to coincide with MWC 2017, and looks set to ‘verify’ Gemalto’s leadership in the mobile security arena.

Check out Gemalto’s ID verification campaign

Read Gemalto’s MWC blog