World first on Facebook Live

Real-time and personal has been a strong focus for us as an agency for a while now. This is expressed in different ways, but a recent global product launch by a world famous Swiss watch brand gave us the opportunity to bring all the pieces together and deliver something really spectacular.

Sweet sixteen

With 300 international press and influencers in attendance, our job was to bring the event to life for online fans of the brand. In doing so we achieved a world first with a Facebook Live broadcast across 16 regional Facebook pages.

Over 120k fans tuned in to experience the unveiling of the new product range during the 50min live broadcast. This was the first time Facebook Live has been used to broadcast simultaneously across this many pages. Achieving the live synchronised broadcast required a tech setup that included multiple encoders, industrial strength broadband, and a team to activate each channel, alongside multi-camera editing and a live presenter roaming wirelessly around the venue.

Snap decisions

To extend social reach, Instagram Live was used for previews and sneak peeks behind the scenes. Snapchat and Instagram Stories were used throughout the evening to capture the excitement of the event and drive viewers to the website, where the new product line was available to buy.

As well as live streaming and capturing content for Snapchat and Instagram, our production team was able to supply the brand’s regional social media teams with optimised content including 360 degree videos of the event, Boomerangs and short video clips for posting locally so fans around the world could see what was happening and be part of the event – in (almost) real-time.

Now trending

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat all represent exciting new opportunities to deliver more real-time and personal experiences with customers, and encourage long-term loyalty. The challenge – particularly in B2B – is for brands to identify the right applications and make the case for embracing trends like expiring content, AR, chatbots and increased personalisation.

Keeping up is not easy – just as we wrap our heads around a new set of features the rules change. At The Crocodile, we see these changes as stages of an ongoing journey towards making marketing more human. And thanks to the quality of our clients, and a shared appetite to be the best at what we do, we’re always innovating. So if you’re looking for a world first on social, get in touch!