Illuminating social at Ignite 2017

The Crocodile’s partnership with B2B Marketing on Ignite Live proved a huge success at Ignite 2017 at the Business Design Centre, London. The agency’s live social team streamed presentations, panel sessions and exclusive Q&A interviews with some of the key speakers at the event.

A thousand professionals from across B2B marketing attended the event to gain insights and knowledge from a day of seminars and keynote speeches.

The seminars included a presentation from The Crocodile’s Head of Social, Robyn Pierce, who delivered a compelling talk on the state of B2B social to a packed out audience, with an additional 400 people tuning in on Facebook. Watch it here.

Ignite 2017 represented a step change for B2B Marketing. The event was a reinvention of its B2B Summit series, and The Crocodile helped give a fresh twist to promote and enhance the rebranded event through social, both before and during the conference:

  • Ignite 2017 Facebook Canvas. Seen by over 1,000 B2B professionals a day in the week leading up to the event, achieving an engagement rate of 3%.
  • Live streaming presentations and keynotes. The closing keynote on the power of language in marketing reached an online audience of more than 3,500, achieving a 30sec video view rate of 4.6%.
  • Exclusive Q&A interviews with keynote speakers. An interview with Emma Roffey, Senior Director Marketing EMEA at Cisco, achieved a 30sec video view rate of 6.3%.

In total, the real-time social activity driven by The Crocodile helped extend Ignite 2017 to over 27,500 Facebook users through 10 separate live broadcasts.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, check out the Ignite LIVE playlist to watch all the live streams back.

Congratulations to Joel Harrison and everyone at B2B Marketing for an excellent event. Judging by the reaction on social and the feedback the agency received on the day, Ignite 2017 was a resounding success and Ignite Live brilliantly extended the reach and audience in real-time, far beyond the north London venue!

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