Why Google Analytics is awesome

According to Arthur C. Nielsen (Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen):

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

In our most recent ‘Knowledge Sharing Session’ we discussed why Google Analytics is awesome.

In the era of data-driven campaigns and analytics it is crucial to define our measurement goals from the beginning, establishing the relevant KPIs and measuring marketing effectiveness. A recent Google survey of marketing decision-makers revealed that only five out of ten marketers said that they think about measurement while developing campaign strategy.

At The Crocodile, we seek to understand what turns a lead into a customer, and by using Google Analytics we map the customer journey to understand what kind of information must be provided and when to understand the stages these users travel through until they have completed their goals. Google Analytics allows us to measure audience figures and analyse campaign data, instrument products and services to capture data about usage and behaviour.

‘Without analytics we could not exist.’

It’s not only the media department that is Google Analytics certified at The Crocodile, we also ensure everyone in account management and the social team pass their tests. This allows us to generate actionable marketing intelligence to improve campaign performance across channels, devices and departments.

We always welcome new solutions and aim to make the most of them. We’ve built custom dashboards for our clients in Google Analytics Data Studio to get a quick overview of what is happening in our online campaigns – which can be easily shared with our account managers, providing them with insights so that they can communicate more effectively with our clients or with designers, to show them the impacts or results of their work.

Next up on our agenda is to set up Google Attribution 360 to measure the impact of marketing across devices and channels. Google Attribution 360 offers data-driven attribution which uses machine learning to determine how much credit to assign to each step in the consumer journey.

To find out more about how we use Google Analytics and other insight-driven marketing tools to help our clients achieve their business objectives, get in touch at hello@thecroc.com


by Adrienn Pajtok, PPC Account Manager