Comms giant Ericsson talks CX

It may not be surprising, but the internet and comms giant, Ericsson are big on CX and catering to the needs of the customer. They spoke in Stockholm at our Connected Customer Roadshow last month, and so we caught up with their digital marketing specialist, Eliot Freed to dive a little deeper into the subject, and find out where he sees the market going.

‘The key thing that brands can do in 2019 is to simplify their customer journey experience’, Eliot shares. We need to get closer to our customers, and closer to understanding what they really want from us as brands.

CX is fast becoming the phrase of the moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually being executed yet – far from it. Eliot thinks the reason for this is that there isn’t enough transparency in our operations when viewed from the outside-in, and that it has become over-complicated. Reworking your organisation around CX is a big deal. Particularly for small brands, this can seem too complex and overwhelming – and is nearly impossible without buy-in from the top.

But, especially at the beginning, CX doesn’t need to be a huge overhaul. One place to start is with engaging content. ‘Brands need to start conversations and be genuinely genuine.’ From here, tech helps scale this messaging, and then the whole thing becomes more doable.

‘My biggest piece of advice is to really listen to your customers, adapt to what they really want, and be ready to make some hard decisions on priorities,’ Eliot continues. ‘I’m most excited that CX will bring a more seamless, simplified experience that is fully transparent and respects privacy.’

Eliot Freed, Global Experiences & Digital Events Manager, Ericsson