Adobe Summit: What went down

I joined 6,000 marketing and tech professionals at the London ExCel for Adobe Summit recently. Their CEO Paul Robson kicked it off by setting out their mission: to “change the world through digital experience”. I couldn’t have felt more at home.

A lot of talks centred around ‘data-driven organisations’. The definition goes deeper than simply having a lot of data collected from a variety of touchpoints – the key is how we actually use it and how it is compiled, to give us that all-important single customer view.

Speakers over the two days were brilliant. Clare Darley VP of Digital Media at Adobe talked about the company’s new customer journey dashboard initiative, capable of driving data-driven organisations (something that’s looking promising for the market). Jane Moran at Unilever then gave a walkthrough on data-embedded processes and operations that deliver real-time, hyper-personalised experiences.

We listened to Abhay Parasnis EVP and CTO at Adobe, who explained how common it still is to see businesses paralysed by silos. It’s something we see a lot. He explained how Customer Experience Management strategies are a key way to break them down. These issues were big at our recent event series across Amsterdam, Dublin and Stockholm, and it was encouraging to see other big players in the market come to the same conclusions we did.

Then we came on to a great B2B case study showing CX in action. The team at Grundfos, pump manufacturers based in Denmark, gave a great presentation on their 3-year digital marketing transformation that put wholesale managers, pump installers and facilities managers at the heart of their strategy. It was, frankly, inspiring.

Going to events like this makes it clear the CX agenda is still young, but that it’s also growing up quickly, covering a number of aspects:

– Consulting and strategy

– Data management and intelligence

– Technology

– Campaign design and execution

CX requires a cultural shift, and for many, it’s a radical transformation that’s not for the faint-hearted. We love it.

Jason Talbot, Managing Director