Championing CX with our new B2B hub

As B2B’s first and only customer experience agency, we’ve built up a pretty comprehensive view on all things CX.

Our journey into CX began years ago with our focus on real-time and personal communications. This evolved into conversational marketing, and now our purpose goes way beyond marketing: in our day to day, we help businesses to grow and succeed by reforming them around the needs of the customer.

Enter our new customer experience content hub, #IamCX. It’s filled with personalised news and insights to feed your thinking and sharpen your strategy – saving you time and effort.

The way we see it, having CX expertise is only worth anything if we use it to help others tackle their own unique customer challenges. We want to share our vision of a constantly evolving business strategy that goes beyond the purchase, and creates loyal, long term customers.

Features of #IamCX:

  • Original pieces on live-wire areas of CX, and ideas from off the beaten track
  • Our top picks of CX articles (mined for the best bits)
  • Big industry reports to give you that wide-angle view of the customer experience landscape

So, there you have it: a new place to access customer experience content so you can make your brand Head to #IamCX  to find out what a prison in Norway has to do with B2B CX, why CMOs are the ultimate customer experience champions, and get 3 quick wins to kick off your CX initiative today.