Podium partner with UMS to bring Immersive Virtual Events to China

London, UK – 28th May, 2020 – Today, The Crocodile, and United Media Solution (UMS) are announcing the global Immersive Virtual Events initiative, Podium, launches in China.

Like almost every market around the World, China has seen significant demand for enterprise organisations to pivot from physical events to digital – especially for businesses outside China that are looking to maintain a strong presence whilst social distancing measures are still in place. Podium, the global Immersive Virtual Events initiative enables enterprises to quickly adopt a digital–first approach to events that deliver theatre, connectivity, and experiences designed to grow customer relationships.

Access to China for Global brands
Based in China, UMS, delivers a best–in–class event design service that can solve for a multitude of events, ranging from conferences to more intimate VIP experiences. As with Podium, the UMS approach is built on connected and fluid experiences orchestrating local platforms such as WeChat and cloud partner Tencent to unlock features such as face-recognition, live-streaming, electronic business cards, and real-time personalisation.

Global access for Chinese brands
In addition, the partnership gives Chinese brands instant global reach and scale through the Podium network, enabling digital event strategies that connect with global markets including the USA, Europe and Middle East.

The Crocodile’s Managing Director, Jason Talbot, adds: “In the blink of an eye the world changed. This initiative is consistent with a growing trend for complimentary providers to work together to create agile, best-in-class solutions that address the fast-changing and unprecedented needs of business.”

UMS CEO, Jessica Miao, commented: “We are excited to join Podium as a China partner and collectively provide brands with an immersive online solution that encompasses the key benefits of offline events. Through this digital offering, brands can effectively engage with customers while capturing their digital footprint – opening avenues of opportunity for building brand loyalty and future interactions. This initiative could not have come at a more valuable time, and I look forward to introducing Podium to our clients to secure their success in China and overseas markets.”