Jason Talbot to speak at ON24’s Virtualized Summit

Here’s your chance to hear from our MD JT, speaking at ON24’s global summit, Virtualized.

Joining speakers from Telverde, Medallia, SurveyMonkey and Informatica, he’ll be in good company, as he takes to the virtual stage on July 23rd, 2020.

In his presentation titled “The Art of Human Connections” he will be sharing practical examples and frameworks designed to unlock human insights, elicit emotional responses and deliver persuasive and memorable virtual events.

Podium: Feel-good Virtual Events
The Crocodile’s immersive virtual event design proposition, Podium has partnered with ON24 in the creation of Virtualized and is a sponsor for the event. The current registration volume of more than 6,000 people is clear evidence of the pressing global demand to future-proof virtual event skills, and an indicator of how events remain a core component of the marketing mix.

Find out for yourself, at Virtualized Summit 2020.