A connected

approach to CX

We combine creativity and craft to design distinctive, memorable customer experiences that are connected by data and enabled by MarTech. Our Connected Customer Framework helps to map marketing ecosystems and provide the answers every marketing department needs to better serve customers.

The Connected Customer Framework

Digital Ecosystem

Define the digital experience

At the heart of every customer experience is a connected digital ecosystem. More than just a destination, a connected digital ecosystem provides the opportunity to deliver personalised and tailored communications, both surprising and delighting customers while simultaneously removing much of the friction that exists in what Google calls the ‘messy middle’ of the customer journey.

Brand Building & Sales Activation

Identify, initiate and join the right conversations

Ensuring marketing is effective requires an approach that considers both brand building to create long-term demand and sales activation to convert this demand into action. We blend strategy, creative, media, technology and data to create joined-up marketing designed to generate long-term business effects as well as short-term results.

Connected MarTech & Data

Deliver personalised experiences at scale

Connecting data and unlocking the true power of a combined MarTech stack is the first step in creating an optimal digital experience. True potential comes from a total MarTech architecture that enables a single account view across platforms.

See how we applied The Croc Approach

  • The Croc broke category convention in a breath-taking way with Realise Your Vision with an integrated, brand-building campaign

    Chuck Parker




  • Developing our virtual event series was no easy task. The expertise of The Croc team has meant events have exceeded expectations

    Matthew Curtis




  • Working with The Croc, we built a comprehensive map of the small business buying journey to identify and better serve their needs

    Faith Wheller

    Senior Marketing Director


    Cisco SB

  • We’re on a journey with The Croc to create a bigger role for PMI in the daily lives of our global shopkeeper audience

    Gunnar Beckers

    Global Head of Consumer and CX



  • The Agents of Transformation campaign brings to life our purpose and how we help transform businesses and supercharge careers

    Thomas Wyatt