Award Winning Fierce Thinking

Written by Jason Talbot

Awards season is always a good time to discover who sits atop the food chain and benchmark your performance against that of your peers.

Taking a contrarian view of B2B and sweating strategy and creativity harder than the average is all well and good, but does it deliver results?

In 2021, we wanted to show that B2B is no barrier to creativity and the right approach can lead to campaigns that happily sit alongside the best our B2C cousins have to offer.

The results are strong:

  • Graphis Design Annual – Gold, Branding

  • ARF David Ogilvy Awards – Silver, Best B2B

  • The Drum – Winner, Best Marketing and Advertising Strategy

  • Top 10 Berlin Commercials – the only B2B brand with Sohonet

The results don’t stop here though…

We’re shortlisted in five categories for the B2B Marketing Awards including Agency of the Year and two categories for the DMAs.

We’re also laying patiently in wait for The Drum B2B Awards shortlist later this month.

Where Fierce Thinking Lives

Our agency positioning encapsulates everything we stand for. It’s the truth that sits at the heart of the agency. Fierce Thinkers are rarely satisfied, always looking for better answers to the most complex of business challenges. They’re interested in people, curious about what makes them tick. They’re ambitious and have the bravery to think differently.

It’s a belief system that means we never settle. One that ensures we back each other to go further to gain an advantage for our clients. To push ourselves to do the best work of our careers.

Results matter. Awards matter.

We are The Croc. This is Where Fierce Thinking Lives.



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