Wellbeing blog image - 1 Nov

Mental health and wellbeing day at The Croc

Written by Christine Goody

Even the fiercest thinkers need to give their brain a rest.

When we take annual leave, we often struggle with the idea that we're missing out on important decisions or meetings, or that our colleagues are begrudgingly picking up the slack in our absence. And if your time off is filled with thoughts and anxiety about work, it's not really time off, is it?

That's why as part of our aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing within the agency, we’re giving all our Crocs an extra midweek day off on Wednesday 3rd November to spend however they wish.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives and balancing the demands of home and work life has not been easy. For us at The Croc, the changes we've all been through in the last two years have motivated us to expand our efforts in employee wellbeing, and this is just one of the new initiatives and commitments we’re gradually rolling out to help us achieve this.

So, this Wednesday we’re encouraging all our employees to take a break, completely unplug and reconnect with the things that are important to them - safe in the knowledge that everyone else at the agency is doing the same, so there should be no anxiety or workplace FOMO!

We realise that mental health and wellbeing are so much bigger than having Friday beers in the office or the occasional bit of extra time off, but this is just one step on our broader journey to promoting and encouraging wellbeing for all of our Crocs.



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