Passing the Vibe Check

Written by Jack Trew

In today's competitive job market, B2B companies face an enormous challenge when it comes to recruitment.

80% of UK businesses are reporting persistent difficulty filling jobs (more than double the pre-pandemic high of 35%) which makes the ability to retain the next generation of high-performing and motivated employees more critical than ever. Source

To address this B2B companies need to embrace a B2C and, particularly, a ‘Gen Z’ mindset.

Enter TikTok. 

To the uninitiated, the platform is most likely associated with entertaining dance challenges and obscure memes, but behind its playful facade lies a powerful recruitment tool that can amplify your brand’s authenticity and connect your recruitment teams with top talent.

Many brands are already experimenting with what the channel can mean for their business: Building brand: is leveraging educational content like interview tips and tricks and salary negotiation to build positive brand associations

Showcasing culture: United Airlines leverages internal employees - from air stewards to baggage handlers - to provide real insight into the day-to-day life at a company

Humanising the application process: TikTok has experimented with its own ‘Resumés’ initiative - allowing prospective candidates to showcase themselves in a more human and creative way than submitting a written CV.

So, how should you be using TikTok to help your recruitment strategy?

Showcasing real experiences

Beyond offering competitive salaries and benefits, attracting top-tier talent requires showcasing company culture and values.

One of the platform’s biggest strengths is its ability to showcase real people and their genuine experiences. By encouraging your own employees to become advocates on TikTok, you provide potential candidates with an authentic look into your company's culture, values, and day-to-day operations. These personal testimonials resonate deeply with viewers, creating a sense of relatability and trust that traditional job listings simply can't match. When real employees share their stories, it humanizes the brand, attracting candidates who value transparency and seek a workplace where they can truly thrive.

Engaging your audience

TikTok is not just about Gen Z, in fact, on a global level Millennials represent 39.2% of daily TikTok users vs.Gen Z which make up just 29.6% of users. In addition, in terms of usage, 16-24 year-olds are 4x more likely to use TikTok than LinkedIn, and 25-34 year olds 3x more likely. In short, there’s a pool of prospective employees waiting to hear from you.

In contrast to dull, traditional job postings, TikTok lets B2B companies create captivating and interactive recruitment campaigns through creative challenges, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and employee testimonials.

Companies that embrace the platform demonstrate adaptability and an understanding of modern communication. By engaging with them on their preferred platform, B2B companies can position themselves as innovative employers that understand their audience.

Empowering your workforce

By giving your employees a platform to share their work experiences and accomplishments, they naturally become ambassadors for your company. This empowerment creates a sense of pride,  loyalty and advocacy among your people, leading to higher employee engagement and retention rates and, in turn, attracting like-minded candidates who are excited to be a part of an enthusiastic team.

Extending your reach

With over a billion users worldwide, TikTok boasts an incredibly diverse user base. B2B companies can seize this opportunity to access young, talented individuals from various backgrounds and skill sets. By engaging with this dynamic talent pool, businesses can discover hidden gems and bring fresh perspectives into their teams.

TikTok thrives on sharing and virality. A single engaging video can be shared, re-shared, and reach thousands or even millions of users, giving your recruitment efforts an unprecedented reach. As more employees participate in creating captivating content, the collective impact creates a ripple effect, reaching potential candidates on a personal level and drawing in talent that may have been otherwise missed. Word-of-mouth referrals have always been powerful, and TikTok takes this to a whole new level.

In conclusion

TikTok is not just a platform for entertaining dance challenges and funny memes; it is a dynamic tool that B2B companies can leverage to amplify authenticity and attract the next generation of employees. By encouraging your employees to become advocates on TikTok, you tap into the power of real people and real experiences, showcasing your company's culture and values in a relatable and engaging way. This approach not only attracts top talent but also empowers your existing workforce, creating a positive company culture that sets you apart in the competitive talent market. 

So, if you're looking to build a workforce that thrives on authenticity and shared values, it's time to pass the vibe check and embrace the potential of TikTok in your recruitment strategy.

If you’d like to find out how you can take your recruitment strategies to the next level, get in touch below. 



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