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The Croc leads the way in B2B CX with Forrester

Written by Jason Talbot

Over the last 5 years The Croc has built the leading CX practice in B2B marketing. Unsurprisingly to us, CX has also been increasing in priority for B2B marketing leaders the world over in recent years, and still ranks in their top five priorities.

And just like with so many trending topics over the years, we’re seeing many in the industry – particularly agencies – joining the conversation. Each brings with them their own interpretations of what CX is, how to deliver it, and what success looks like; often shoehorning widely accepted marketing practices under a new name.

So, what’s our take on it? For many, it might be easy to get caught up in the hype. But there’s a simple truth that we live by: Customers demand more, and we don’t stop obsessing over them until we give them what they deserve.

Building a legitimate CX practice requires a material change in approach, structure, and skills. To create customer first strategies requires expertise, fit-for-purpose frameworks, and the orchestration of blended teams across strategy, data, tech, content, and media. We’ll save the subject of big, beautiful brand creative ideas for another day.

It’s for these reasons The Croc has invested in its CXpert Academy to build B2B’s deepest bench of customer experience experts with certifications from the leading authority on the subject such a Forrester.

Forrester’s CX Certification Program plays a key role in this initiative with many senior agency leaders having now completed the rigorous program. The approach is supported by more than two decades of world class research-backed expertise on the CX capabilities and skills necessary to succeed.

Executing a CX program that will truly impact revenue requires a team of people who are dedicated to the mission and proficient in the core skills necessary to create better experiences for customers. A team of fierce thinkers with the training, credentials, and a dash of imagination capable of challenging conventions to accelerate growth.

The days of lasting product advantage have gone, so to win, how we treat people has become an essential business strategy. We’re committed to building a talent pool capable of delivering growth for our clients through exceptional, contextual, and connected customer experiences.

Jason Talbot, Managing Director, The Croc

We are The Croc. Where Fierce Thinking Lives.

1B2B Marketing | The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report, 2021



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