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Unlocking the Universal Potential of the Web

Written by Marc Baker

The heart of the web lies in its vast, all-embracing nature. Navigating through an ever-evolving digital terrain, it's crucial to ensure that digital experiences are as diverse and accommodating as the audiences they cater to.

At The Croc, we embrace diversity and inclusivity (D&I), and we've turned our gaze inward, looking to our own website for opportunities to enhance accessibility beyond the standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). All this while keeping an eagle eye on meeting the unique legal stipulations of our stateside clients, as dictated by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Understanding Accessibility

Accessibility is all about crafting digital experiences that cater to individuals with diverse needs, ranging from visual and auditory to physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological.

For those operating in the states, it's about ensuring your site aligns seamlessly with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). As for WCAG compliance, it signifies that your website checks all the boxes of standards outlined by the esteemed World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our accessibility ambition is simple: we want to guarantee that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy equal access to information and functionality, both on our own platforms as well as our clients. We’re proud to meet AA standards, but we see this as merely the starting point on a journey to continue to optimise experiences on an ongoing basis.

While web accessibility is fundamentally a matter of ethics, it also unlocks a number of performance perks. A fully accessible website ramps up SEO rankings and provides an optimised user experience that’s more likely to convert your goals.

With an agency passionate about inclusivity and a legal obligation to make our digital space accessible to all, we at The Croc embarked on a mission. We prioritised web accessibility and lit the green light to initiate some truly transformative changes.

Our roadmap to achieving this mission rests on four fundamental pillars:

  1. Perceivability: Ensuring that information and user interface elements are presentable to users in ways they can comprehend – visually or audibly.

  2. Operability: Guaranteeing that user interface components and navigation can be smoothly operated via a keyboard, sans a mouse.

  3. Understandability: Making certain that information and user interface operations are intelligible.

  4. Robustness: Providing content sturdy enough to be reliably interpreted, including by assistive technologies.

Our technology journey entwined with AI to unlock a vast, untapped resource. Following some enlightening discussions with the team at accessiBe, we harnessed AI to create a truly unique user experience. Our accessibility widget enables users with varying needs to customise the user interface and website design to match their individual browsing needs.

We view this layer of inclusivity as the first waypoint on a journey that will carry us far beyond our original goals. We're already glimpsing signs of our future potential with the recent announcement of our status as a Disability Confident Employer.

Our mission is to support all who wish to engage with The Croc, whether as potential employees or collaborators. We remain dedicated to continuously learning and seeking novel approaches to guarantee our online presence, along with our clients', provides universal access to content and functionality.

Experience it for yourself! Click on the accessibility widget (the person in the circle) at the bottom right corner of this page.



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