Can we snap up four B2B Awards?

The prestigious B2B Awards 2017 take place this Thursday at The Roundhouse, London. This year, The Crocodile’s brand of conversational marketing has led to us being shortlisted in no fewer than four categories for our Step Ahead With Confidence campaign for Standard Life.

Of course, there are no easy categories to win. All require a deep pool of skill sets, both client and agency side, to achieve connected strategies and exceptional customer experiences that deliver results.

The theme for the awards night is ‘Unleash Your Beasts’ – a good omen for an agency with a name like ours! Over the past few weeks we’ve embraced our inner Croc to create some epic beast-themed content, which you can enjoy on our Twitter feed.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter feeds to see how many awards we snap up. There may even be a few surprises in store – but hopefully not too many Crocodile tears!

Our 2017 B2B Awards Shortlist:

  • Best Multichannel Campaign
  • Best SME Campaign
  • Best Lead Generation & Nurture
  • Bravery Award

Croc Robyn up for WIM Award

The Crocodile’s Head of Social Media, Robyn Pierce, has been nominated for a Women In Marketing Award. The award for Contribution to Marketing recognises women who have contributed significantly to marketing as a result of the work they have achieved for their organisation or for the industry as a whole.

Robyn is arguably one of the most accomplished social media practitioners in the UK. She has built The Crocodile’s social media division from scratch, fulfilling her role as an entrepreneurial, commercially accountable department head in a busy agency, and in the process building an enviable roster of global clients.

“I’m very fortunate to work with a lot of talented people – both agency and client side,” says Robyn. “WIM provides an important source of support and inspiration for women in the profession and I’m excited to join their ranks.”

Commenting on the nomination, The Crocodile’s managing director, Jason Talbot, adds: “Being an early pioneer of B2B social has given Robyn a unique perspective. She’s passionate not just about the techniques and technologies, but about challenging perceptions and evangelising the possibilities.”

The WIM Awards ceremony takes place on Thursday, 16th November 2017 in Soho, London.

Redefining the global agency network

Businesses with a global footprint often require their agency partners to have global capabilities. All the best-known agency networks have presence in key markets, and it’s easy to see why: it suits the agencies to win high value, global revenue opportunities, and it suits the client’s objectives for brand consistency, logistical simplicity and economies of scale.

Great. Except it’s not.

The formal network agency model is tired, inflexible and becoming less suited to the dynamics of global marketing. The fact is, once client A is tied into network agency B, theirs becomes a marriage of convenience rather than passion, held together by a soulless Service Level Agreement.

The personnel and capabilities of the network agency are fixed. The delivery model is by necessity driven by process (centralise the strategy, localize/translate the execution. Measure. Repeat). And the incentives for either side to look beyond the confines of the SLA are pretty much non-existent.

As a client, you get what you’re given.

So, what if the network model changed completely? What if networks instead comprised informally connected communities of entrepreneurial agencies – a mix of like-minded creative and strategic powerhouses, all of them excited by the possibilities of contemporary marketing, and all bringing intense flavours of local knowledge to enhance in-country marketing relevance and effectiveness?

Clients would gain access not just to the expertise, technologies and techniques of a single network agency (however illustrious they may be) – but to the combined capabilities of 30, 40, 50 market-leading specialists, located in major cities all over the world.

They would be agencies that know each other intimately, that work together regularly, that share vision and values, that have proven models for delivering campaigns at scale on behalf of global clients.

The Crocodile is a founding member of the Affinità network, launching on 27th September. We are ten agencies today and growing fast; a vigorous community – handpicked for their energy, expertise and effectiveness – and all convinced by the potential for harnessing independent thought in pursuit of marketing excellence.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our vision of how Affinità can break the mold of international network marketing to help clients have better, more valuable connections and conversations with global markets.

Beasting the B2B Awards

The B2B jungle is a competitive place with lots of fierce creatures. Turns out that team Standard Life have what it takes to be at the head of the pack having been shortlisted in no fewer than four categories:

  • Category 1: Best Multichannel
  • Category 16: Best SME
  • Category 22: Best Lead Generation & Nurture
  • Category 24: Bravery Award

There are no easy categories and all require a deep pool of skill sets, both client and agency side, to achieve connected strategies – with exceptional customer experiences that deliver results.

We hope that we have good cause to be swinging from the rafters come November 23rd when the winners are announced.

Standard Life: Step Ahead With Confidence

Taking digital experience to the next level

We are delighted to welcome Shimpei Okumura to our gang. He joins us from John Brown Media as Digital Art Director, having built a fantastic portfolio across fashion, lifestyle and finance brands.

This strategic appointment looks to boost our digital design team as the agency continues to push the importance of great digital experiences in the B2B industry.

Chris Tongeman, Creative Director at The Crocodile says: “In B2B there is no shortage of content being created, but what is often lacking is the craft and finesse skills required to take something to the next level and differentiate through the quality of experience. Shimpei will be a great addition to our talented team as we look to create higher value conversations with our clients’ customers.”

A real-time first for B2B Marketing with Ignite LIVE 2017

As a lead sponsor of the upcoming 2017 B2B Marketing Ignite event – the world’s biggest B2B learning and networking experience – we made the call to place ourselves at the heart of the event and not just be another logo on the wall.

Working closely with the B2B Marketing team, we were able to find strategic and executional ways of deepening our involvement in the event to create a better and more meaningful presence, while also adding to the very fabric of the Ignite experience.

Playing to our ‘Real-time + Personal’ strengths, this has translated into a contemporary suite of additional social activity based around Facebook Live Streaming – a first for B2B Marketing. We’ll share more details in the run-up to the event.

Fancy your five minutes of fame? We’ll be engaging with B2B opinion-formers on the day, so let us know if you want to get involved.

Ignite 2017 takes place on Thursday 22 June 2017 at The Business Design Centre, London. Register at

Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be the Best.

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the always hotly contested B2B Marketing Awards 2016.

They have become not only an important annual gathering of leading B2B marketing practitioners, but also a genuine exhibition of innovation in marketing.

True customer insight is of huge importance and it can free our clients and ourselves to have braver and more meaningful conversations with people. That’s why it felt natural for us to sponsor the Best Use of Customer Insight category at the Awards.

We are delighted to champion the considered, the curious, the intuitive and all the many other flavours of geek. We look forward to seeing some great submissions and wish all entries the very best of luck.

“The creative man with an insight into human nature, with the artistry to touch and move people, will succeed. Without them he will fail.” – William Bernbach

See you all at the event in November.

Standard Life Launches SME Video Campaign

As we (quite rightly) strive to deliver measurable revenue conversions, the influence of human stories is often forgotten in B2B marketing, with brands focussed of defining product and service capability rather than building an emotional connection with the audience.

We reminded ourselves of this recently when planning the next wave of Standard Life’s Workplace Pensions campaign.

Whether you run a business or work for one, chances are you’re familiar with Workplace Pensions.

Auto-enrolment was introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions to help more people save for their retirement. Businesses across the UK have gradually been going though the process of enrolling employees into suitable workplace pensions schemes, starting with large enterprises, before moving on to SMEs.

As the profile of staging companies changed, it was important for Standard Life to position itself as a relevant and trusted provider for smaller businesses.

We were asked to evolve existing messaging frameworks to have a stronger resonance with the SME market. Qualitative research and customer journey mapping were used to provide direction for a new, more customer-centric approach to market.

The output was a series of new brand videos designed to create more empathy with the market and demonstrate that Standard Life supported ‘businesses like yours’. By elevating the brand, the aim is to create a halo effect for all other activity while building confidence and trust.

The videos are broadcast via social channels to achieve high levels of reach and targeted impressions in a cost-effective way. Tactical retail activity – including search, display, email and social – runs alongside the video promotion to drive online conversions.

Take a look at campaign videos here:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

And visit our YouTube page to watch more videos created by the Crocodile.

Laser precision social media targeting drives ROI for healthcare leader

Keen to explore the opportunities of paid social media to impact the bottom line, Lumenis Aesthetics’ Marketing Director, Justin Richards, approached The Crocodile to define and deliver a strategy for key European markets.

Lumenis is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine with world-renowned expertise in innovative energy-based technologies, including laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency. Innovative products require innovative go-to-market approaches.

Facebook lead adverts were just one part of a highly targeted, multi-language and multi-channel advertising approach recommended by The Crocodile to reach hair removal and skin treatment practitioners and professionals.

In just two privacy-safe clicks (one on the in-newsfeed ad, another to submit the autofilled form) dermatologists, cosmetologists, cosmetic surgeons, laser therapists, estheticians, and beauticians (or Kosmetikerinnen, Chirurginnen or Dermatologen in Germany!) were able to register their interest in the new generation of laser system.

More than 70 leads were generated at an average cost of ~£20 per lead. Yes, higher than your average click-to-website cost-per-click on Facebook, but consider this: by ‘lead’ we’re talking in-market, purchase-ready, named and telephone numbered contacts, and when your average unit price is £40,000 the potential return on a £1,400 investment is huge. Sales team follow up to date has resulted in a single conversion that already translates as 2,757% ROI.

Moral of the story? Lead adverts: simple for people and valuable for businesses.