The @crocbites social media roundup – July 2016

Not everyone was off on their summer holidays in July – there were still plenty of people ferreting away at social media companies, unveiling innovations that could benefit you and your business – let’s see what they came up with.


Messenger is testing out secret, one-to-one encrypted messages for private information – they can even auto-delete after a set length of time.

What isn’t secret is the fact that Messenger now has one billion people around the world using it every month.

Big numbers for Facebook – 1.1bn daily users, 1.7bn monthly users and ad revenues are soaring, particularly on mobile.


Twitter is making it easier to manage and report on your ad campaigns, which is rather good of them.

For the first time, you can actually apply to get a coveted blue tick to show that your account is verified.

Twitter’s getting into sport in a big way – first it live streams bits of Wimbledon, now it’ll be showing in-game clips from the Premier League.

You want big gifs? You’ve got big gifs! Upload gifs of up to 15MB from your desktop.


Need help building your business profile on Insta? You’re in luck – here’s a guide.

Not only that, but you can ingest loads of good advice about how best to use the platform through a series of webinars.

Send trolls back under the bridge – you’ll soon be able to filter comments on your account and set up your own watchwords.


Snapchat performs a complete about-face in strategy and lets users save snaps asMemories.

Ever wanted to be an emoji? Course you have – and now you get the chance on Snapchat.

More adults are using Snapchat – great for advertisers, not so great for the teenagers who enjoyed an adult-free oasis.


Periscope users have some new toys to play with, including highlights, tweet embeds and live autoplay on Android.

There are certainly a few things that could prove very useful there – if you need any help with their implementation get in touch with our social media

After the main event

Never think that the benefits of social media end once your event closes its doors – attendee and non-attendees alike will still want to catch up on what happened, particularly if they already know how content-rich it was.

You’ve got an audience, so make the most of it – show the videos of the speeches and seminars, publish a review of the event, share some of the more memorable short-form highlights, continue the push for what you’re providing and encourage people to keep following for future opportunities.

After all, you’ve made this event such a rich and engaging experience, why wouldn’t they want to come back for more?

The @crocbites social media roundup – June 2016

As summer stuttered into life, our favourite social giants were coming up with lots of new innovations to help us in our personal and business lives. Let’s have a look at some of them.


See panoramas in a whole new light with 360 Photos – just move your phone around to see the bigger picture.

Messenger has evolved – no longer just a list of past messages, it’s now got birthdays, favourites and more.

Time for another algorithm tweak, this time it’s to help people see more updates from friends and family, rather than brands.

Android users: Still sending messages via the main Facebook app? Get with the times and download Messenger! Not that you have a choice any more.


Longer videos can now be sent in tweets – for most, it’s 140 seconds (see what they did there?) but some will be able to do 10-minute epics.

It’s going to be easier to serve pre-roll ads now Twitter has done some magic.

Who uses words these days? Now, emojis – that’s different, hence Twitter deciding to let you target users through shy monkeys, smiley faces and anthropomorphic poo!

Introducing the Twitter Dashboard – ideal for SMEs that want to keep all their interactions in one intuitive location.

Want to jazz up the photos you put on Twitter? Now you can with Snapchat-esque stickers. This makes them searchable too.


Instagram – kind of a big deal. It’s just passed 500m members.

Now all Instagrammers have to deal with the ‘best’ posts coming at the top, just like on Facebook.

Missing out on context from photos through not understanding the captions? Fear not – integrated translation is coming.

Folks with Apple devices don’t even need to have the Instagram app open these days to post on Instagram.


New premium tools offer more information about your team and potential future hires.


Snapchat is bigger than Twitter… if you take into account the amount of daily users each platform has.

Snapchat spreads its wings to open a new online magazine that offers insights about “how our lives are mediated by devices”, i.e. how much we’re on our phones.


Put together a video ad for your business using just YouTube Director and your phone… and people to be in shot… and scenery… and – you get the idea.


Even Vine is getting in on Twitter’s longer video thing.


Don’t pin it, save it – Pinterest loses its pin… so should we now call it Terest?

Pinterest gets over 2bn idea searches each month.

Introducing new ways to shop online, including a handy shopping bag so you can collate your purchases.

It’s been another busy month – how many of the new developments can you see yourself or your business taking advantage of? Let us know which take your fancy – and any others you spot – by getting in touch via @crocbites.

Laser precision social media targeting drives ROI for healthcare leader

Keen to explore the opportunities of paid social media to impact the bottom line, Lumenis Aesthetics’ Marketing Director, Justin Richards, approached The Crocodile to define and deliver a strategy for key European markets.

Lumenis is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine with world-renowned expertise in innovative energy-based technologies, including laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency. Innovative products require innovative go-to-market approaches.

Facebook lead adverts were just one part of a highly targeted, multi-language and multi-channel advertising approach recommended by The Crocodile to reach hair removal and skin treatment practitioners and professionals.

In just two privacy-safe clicks (one on the in-newsfeed ad, another to submit the autofilled form) dermatologists, cosmetologists, cosmetic surgeons, laser therapists, estheticians, and beauticians (or Kosmetikerinnen, Chirurginnen or Dermatologen in Germany!) were able to register their interest in the new generation of laser system.

More than 70 leads were generated at an average cost of ~£20 per lead. Yes, higher than your average click-to-website cost-per-click on Facebook, but consider this: by ‘lead’ we’re talking in-market, purchase-ready, named and telephone numbered contacts, and when your average unit price is £40,000 the potential return on a £1,400 investment is huge. Sales team follow up to date has resulted in a single conversion that already translates as 2,757% ROI.

Moral of the story? Lead adverts: simple for people and valuable for businesses.

The @crocbites social media roundup – May 2016

May was quite possibly Twitter’s month for far-reaching social news, but there was plenty of other stuff going on too – let’s have a look.


After taking a bit of a battering in the media about how its trending topics were curated, Facebook has decided to update the way they’re done.

Fancy being on X Factor, but no auditions take place near you? Don’t worry – just do them over Facebook Live.

Facebook announces a load of product updates to help more businesses drive sales across its main site and Instagram.


As you may have heard, the 140-character is being relaxed.

How influential are influencers on Twitter? Spoiler: pretty darn influential.

The Connect tab will help users discover accounts that Twitter thinks they’ll be interested in.


They’re here! Business profiles are now a thing on Instagram.

Insta simplifies its logo and the app’s design so that photos and videos are even more the focus.

You love videos? You love carousel ads? Well, now you can have videos as part of your carousel ads!


Good news! Three million people watched the Champions League and Europa League finals on YouTube, as Google takes a swipe at Facebook and Twitter’s live video platforms.

Bad news! Amazon’s looking to muscle in on YouTube’s main raison d’être by allowing users to post videos and earn royalties for them.


There’s a new Windows 10 app for Vine, if that’s your sort of thing.


Search for broadcasts that interest you, save streams for longer than 24 hours and Periscope… with drones? All coming… soon, apparently. We’ll keep an eye on those.

Something that’s happening now is Periscopers becoming self-policing, to help keep it friendly and instantaneous.


Pinterest starts a seven-month campaign of ads on Channel 4 that use the channel’s content as their inspiration.

That’s it for what’s certainly been a notable month. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on how these changes work in practice and look out for new innovations – the summer’s sporting events are sure to see social come to the fore. Let us know if you see anything good – @crocbites.

The @crocbites social media roundup – April 2016

Our favourite social media platforms were certainly busy during April, bringing out loads of new features between them. Let’s have a look at what’s been introduced…


Greater strides are being made with Facebook Live, as you can now stream directly into groups and events – great if you’re running a promotion.

Technically this happened in March to no fanfare, but you’re no longer restricted to 20% text on ad images.

It’s now even easier for people to contact your business through Messenger.

You’d probably better check how Facebook’s amended branded content policies affect your marketing.

News feed algorithms have been tweaked so customers may still see content even if they don’t regularly interact with its creator.

If your PC or tablet’s using Windows 10, you can now get Facebook and Messenger apps.


It’s much easier to share tweets as DMs in case you want to chat about their contents privately.

Want to better target customers and monitor how your advertising is doing? Now you can, as Twitter has added new layers to its ads editor.

It feels as though we’ve been talking about First View ads for a while, but they’ve only just been released to UK marketers.

Apparently only 2% of users opt out of Twitter’s algorithmic timeline…


Fresh from extending the length of its videos, Instagram now offers you a curated section.

Instagram for Windows 10 is now a thing.


Spatial audio is now available on 360-degree videos, to help with the immersive feel.

Rather than have people skip bumper videos 5 seconds into a 30-second clip, you can now create 6-second standalones.


Good news! Pinterest has a new app that’s much quicker to load and is perfectly legible in 31 languages.

Like First View on Twitter, it feels as though Promoted Pins have featured prominently for a while, but they’ve only just been rolled out in the UK.


Much like you can binge view a series on Netflix, you can see Vines back-to-back by using the new Watch feature.

It’s been a bumper crop of new features of late, but that’s it for another month. As ever, let us know if you spot something; tweet us @crocbites.