The Lotlinx Effect helped the brand connect with dealers more authentically and is the central platform that runs through every touchpoint.


Demand Generation





While some are impressed by terms like AI, machine learning and cloud transformation, car dealers are not among them. A results-driven bunch, for them, the proof really is in the pudding. When it came to Lotlinx, they saw only an advertising platform, not the far smarter reality. Employing complex data algorithms that harness over 24 billion data points, Lotlinx helps dealerships move inventory faster, quicker and cheaper – the only business metrics dealers care about.

The Audience Challenge

As an industry, US car dealerships are predominantly male-centric. These guys are hard-working, highly commercial, and super-entrepreneurial. It’s a close-knit world where many are born into the business. You could say it’s in their DNA. As a group, they are profit-driven and constantly looking to improve the performance of their business. Yet they are also proudly cynical and marketing resistant.

The whole industry is feeling the pain of business transformation – too many offers, too many promises, not enough tangible benefits. As a result, they are left cold by technology, AI and any other buzzword you can throw at them. Their experience is that choosing and installing technology is not straightforward and overall doesn’t live up to the promise of making life easier. Their sole interest is what the product will do for them. Crucially, will it sell cars faster and increase profits?

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The insight

Our audience insight showed they are always looking for ways to improve their business and are not too proud to learn from others. Replacing standard brand communications with human stories, we presented authentic portraits of dealers enjoying greater success, all thanks to Lotlinx.

Our Solution – The Lotlinx Effect

We knew authenticity was key to reaching dealers, as was making Lotlinx relevant to their world. Our big idea – The Lotlinx Effect – reeled them in.

From finding new customers to shifting tough inventory, we presented Lotlinx data as the secret sauce to get cars flying off the lot. And it’s a sauce with some pretty potent side effects. Want to sell your cars 7-10 days faster? Lotlinx does it. Increase PVR by $350? It handles that too. Reduce wasted time and space on the lot? Check. According to Dominic Scruggs, formerly of Fayetteville Dodge Ram, “We boosted sales 241% in a year.“ Welcome to The Lotlinx Effect.

Bringing The Lotlinx Effect to Life

The core idea of the campaign involved portraying the dealership world before and after Lotlinx. We hammered this home in a super simple way, showing forecourts crammed with cars next to completely vacant ones. This straightforward visual language instantly connected with our audience, creating a powerful counterpoint between their anxieties and their dreams.

A compelling business case combined with a huge FOMO effect meant our audience had little choice but to get on board with the Lotlinx Effect, or be left behind by the dealer up the road.

The Lotlinx Effect is constantly evolving and forms the central creative idea of the brand going forward. It’s a truly integrated campaign running across multiple touchpoints. From trade press to targeted social and digital, our audience is constantly hit with relevant content in the relevant place. We even brought the Lotlinx Effect, alongside a revitalised look and feel, all the way to NADA Las Vegas: the must-attend auto industry event of the year.

A bespoke direct mail pack containing an RFID-enabled VIP card was sent to our ideal target customers, granting access to a world of unmissable experiences. From F1 speaker Mark Gallagher to live podcast recordings, event-goers could even enjoy a Lotlinx-themed cocktail at the bar and compete in a live Scalextric competition. The DM’s QR scanning mechanic also enabled Lotlinx to build up a world of customer data to make our future communications even more targeted.

Using augmented reality, we took the Lotlinx effect into innovative new spaces, helping dealers get as close as possible to experiencing what it might feel like for them. Generating over 250 sales demos, our striking event design had dealers saying: “Just meet me at the Lotlinx entrance”. High praise indeed and a testament to how creating a memorable brand experience was our number one priority. Ultimately, we helped Lotlinx steal the show and more importantly: convince dealers we were the right partner for their ambition.

As a company, Lotlinx had historically been known for shifting metal through advertising. The Lotlinx Effect has shifted this perception, presenting it as a super-smart tech partner dealerships can’t do without.

The event exceeded all KPIs, and we even managed to create the standout expo booth at the 700,000 sq. ft NADA Show - it is safe to say we lit up Lotlinx in Vegas.


exceeded target for pre-booked demos


boost on show leads


projected revenue


“To say The Croc smashed it out of the park is an understatement. The event surpassed all of its KPIs by a mile and we look forward to continuing our partnership throughout 2024 and beyond"

Suzanne Reimer