We delivered a full-funnel B2B demand generation campaign, that generated consistent pipeline and improved ROI from paid media.







Following the increased need for webinars and virtual events during the Covid pandemic, ON24 found itself in a cluttered market in the years that followed, with greater competition and lower demand.

ON24 was producing a high volume of leads each quarter, however, many of those leads weren't converting into pipeline, and with last click attribution in place the company was struggling to establish what was working across its marketing efforts.

We therefore needed to generate a higher quality leads and increase deal velocity to meet targets, introducing attribution and data enrichment to improve efficiencies.

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Fierce Activation: Leveraging data to make intelligent planning decisions.

Our demand generation approach utilised multiple channels and formats to ensure ON24 was appearing across the entire customer journey and would reach relevant audiences with the right content, at the right time.

A mixture of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Display were leveraged for engagement with earlier stage prospects, promoting relevant eBooks and reports. Prospects were then retargeted to increase frequency and engagement. Paid Search was used to capture intent and ensure prospects converted through demos and free trials.

With the support of Bombora data, we were able to track which channels and campaigns were delivering the strongest ROI through a custom attribution model. By increasing our investment in these campaigns, we were able to make smarter planning decisions than through purely conversion-based results. It was clear that campaigns to users in the consideration stage on Paid Search were driving very strong ROI and we were able to support a more efficient use of budget on the channel.

Across social and display, where we weren’t seeing the same ROI results, we introduced 6Sense data to create through the funnel conversations with target enterprise accounts. We could target key enterprise accounts directly from Salesforce as well as dynamic campaigns to users currently showing intent across key topic areas.

Producing the right message and creative to map to 6Sense signals was imperative. Ungated case studies were served to those in the decision-making stage to increase deal velocity, and CTRs increased by 90% when compared to earlier stages.

The combination of this full-funnel activity with the right technology allowed us to continually optimise towards pipeline performance and improve our ROI across channels by significant margins year on year.


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“Our advertising has allowed us to reach a relevant, engaged audience and offer them the right content at the right time in their preferred format. I am excited to continually test new tactics and refine our campaign targeting to ensure we maintain a consistent flow of high-quality leads to our Sales team.”

Michelle Blondin

Sr, Director Demand Gen & Operations



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