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After launching the new brand, Schulte had to meet high expectations for their biggest annual event of over 30 years.



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Schulte had to meet high expectations for their biggest event of over 30 years and one of the most high-profile conferences in the industry - The Private Investment Funds Seminar. They wanted to level up the event, engage a diverse group of legal professionals, and create leads that would drive deeper engagement throughout the year.

We knew we had to re-evaluate each step of the event experience and utilise the new brand to enhance every element, including promotional materials, a new event website, streamlined registration, post-event reporting tools, even the name of the event. Formerly known as the Private Investment Funds Seminar, the event had featured educational speakers rather than an immersive, inclusive experience. In addition, this name was inconsistent with Schulte’s new “Firmly focused on private capital” messaging.

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The shift to Private Capital Forum was more than just a name change, it was symbolic of rethinking and restyling the entire experience to drive conversation, connection, and collaboration with leaders from across the industry. From dynamic activations to digital installations to elevated networking spaces, we worked closely with our US partner, Agenda, to bring this ambition to life throughout the event in a way that set a new standard in the sector. The reimagined Private Capital Forum exceeded all expectations.


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Global Ace Awards / Silver, Best Event Experience

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