In a market dominated by the largest telecoms companies, how can you overcome obscurity and simultaneously build credibility? All during Covid.




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Demand Generation

Sohonet is a leading provider of real-time, remote collaboration software for the media and entertainment industry.

When the pandemic hit, the production industry was among the worst affected. With ‘over-the-shoulder’ collaboration software, Sohonet had the answer. 

The missing link was a bold and impactful strategy to cut through the panic and generate the demand for Sohonet’s ClearView products. 

We created a multi-channel strategy to position Sohonet’s ClearView as the solution to bring a Director’s vision to life, and a targeted marketing campaign to convert this demand into sales. 


average order increase


year-on-year growth


sales pipeline

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We spoke to the cream of the production crop to develop high-value, highly targeted content packed full of tips and advice from industry leaders.

'Realise Your Vision' centred on a cinematic hero film that spoke to both individual roles and entire companies through one award-winning campaign. Supported by recognised industry figures to ensure credibility, we developed specific content nuanced to individual specialisms highlighting how Sohonet was relevant to them.

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“Fantastic. Not only have you broken category convention in a truly breath-taking way, with Realise Your Vision, you’ve provided Sohonet with our first truly 360, integrated, brand-building campaign.”

Chuck Parker




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